Friday, March 04, 2016

Daily thoughts - Is cloud for every app?

This article:
Hindlian's take largely revolves around the idea that financial software is likely to be more of a hybrid cloud play. Perhaps it'll even be on-premise first. This reality will make Workday implementations harder in large enterprises. As a result, Workday's financial mojo will be with midmarket companies. She added:
Based on our proprietary analysis of Workday's customer base, we estimate that Financials uptake remains limited to less-complex deployments within services industry verticals as well as education and government institutions, primarily in the mid-market.
The most provocative thing to me about this article is the point - maybe financials will stay on-p. 

Are Financials qualitatively different than other cloud apps?
  • Stable loads easier to map into in-house environments which by necessity must be more stable
  • Less need for flexibility and constant adaption to new communication channels (like crm). In other words IT can't keep up with crm but they can w financials. Financials are internally motivated vs externally. 
  • Deeper controls required. Worth the maintenance overhead due to compliance. 
Interesting question about the future of Financials and Workday as opposed to Salesforce. Because these things largely don't apply to CRM.